Sunday, May 08, 2005

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Looking down on our campsite. Posted by Hello

It's one of the finest campsite mornings I have ever experienced, but we are almost out of water. Posted by Hello

On the trail back up you can get a view down across the river at our campsite. The bear den is behind the rocks at the top of the photo. Posted by Hello

Freakin' stone cold monster packer! Posted by Hello

Soft office feet. Posted by Hello

Trout pool. Posted by Hello

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30 degrees air temp, 15 degrees water temp. Posted by Hello

I can remember Kris fishing in just this location in 2002... too bad only a Kodak funsaver then. Posted by Hello

Looking downstream just below the trout channel. Posted by Hello

The channel was still very deep, but the force of the water and the number of fish was lower than in 2002. Posted by Hello

Not a timber rattler :-) just a big Kaj. Posted by Hello

View up towards the trout channel... Posted by Hello

Not a timber rattler :-) Just a big garter snake. Posted by Hello

When it's "live" I can stare at this for hours... Posted by Hello

Thar lives the Bar Posted by Hello

tells a story... Posted by Hello

This is the view from my "cafe." Posted by Hello

Water level low, warm enough for swimming, cool enough for trout... Posted by Hello

... og der. Posted by Hello

Her er der fisk... Posted by Hello